How are we expected to deliver good software – can DevOps really help?

October 24, 2012 No Comments

UnicomLogo1 How are we expected to deliver good software – can DevOps really help?

“The DevOps moment is still in its infancy…I’m convinced this isn’t just a fad, and we’re on the brink of a revolution in the software industry – a paradigm shift in which developers and sysadmins start to work together, to train each other, and ultimately to blur the boundary – welcome to the world of the DevOp.” (Stephen Nelson Smith, CEO of Atlanta Systems)

There are four vital areas in DevOps that need equal attention and strong focus. Research by UNICOM has shown that at the core of development is Automation necessary to build, test and continuous deployment. Tools for release management, provisioning, configuration management, systems integrations, monitoring and control, and orchestration are important aspects in building a DevOps system. Agile techniques and Lean practices come into play in building and controlling of systems. Measurement is another important aspect and placed in the feedback process. A successful DevOps implementation should measure performance, process and ever people met-rics. Culture is vital as effective teams are essential for the delivery of reliable software and business benefit. Sharing of ideas, stories of problems and success is fundamental for the team to realise and treat the problem as the enemy and not each other. It opens channels of feedback and leads to improvement.

Lead speakers will address each of these topics at UNICOM Seminars, ‘Enabling DevOps: DevOps Summit Europe.’ Stephen Nelson Smith, who has become one of the pioneers of DevOps in Europe, is chairing the event in Amsterdam on 15 November. He is joined by other leaders and practitioners in the DevOps ‘movement’ to discuss these challenges and provide some practical guidance in making DevOps a success.

This Summit will be held from 9:30am to 5:30pm at the Hotel Casa 400, Amsterdam. For further information call the team or 01895 256 484 or email to request a booking form or reserve delegates place.


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