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How Electric Actuators Can Be Used For Business Automation

January 10, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Adam Smith, Independent Technology Author

Electric actuators have been a revolutionary idea in the automation business. Currently, they are the best choice or option in almost all or any automation ideas in the world. One of the reasons why they are preferred is because they are believed and have been proven to offer the highest-control positioning. Secondly, electric actuators are easily networked as well as reprogrammed. They also provide one with immediate feedback for maintenance as well as diagnostics. Finally, electric actuators provide one wit complete control of all the motion profiles. In the automation business, these are considered the best and hence their use in business automation. In this article, a detailed elucidation of how these actuators are or can be used for business automation will be provided.

Every company’s wish is to improve efficiency and this often translates to optimizing production while seeking to ensure the reduction of the amount of energy consumed. However, when it comes to union calls, organizations are asked to also consider the possibility of improving ergonomics for their employees. This is mainly to help reduce absenteeism which is often caused by injuries and illnesses. Achieving both is quite a problem and organizations fret at being found guilty of ignoring the union and often legislative calls. However, with the help of dc linear actuators, the automation of certain processes has indeed help achieve these goals. Currently, companies are able to save more energy while incurring low costs of maintenance. Additionally, they have managed to improve ergonomics while integrating durable and intelligent solutions in their motion systems. Below are some examples of how electric actuators can and are being used in electric actuators:

Feeding Automation

For large scale farmers, especially the milk producing companies, feeding the animals can be quite a problem. First of all, it is essential to acknowledge that animals have different feeding habits. Some could be in need of special treatment because they are sick or are in their gestation periods and others just need to be fed. This can be a headache and will mean more workers are employed to ensure all animals are fed. However, with the use of electric actuator solutions, one could have a feeding automation system which does all the above.

The customized feeding automation system ensures the feeding process is made easier hence offering ample time for one to also monitor the livestock, feed supply becomes automated as well, and finally a low-maintenance solution.

Packaging machines

Packaging is one of the most important functions in any company. In packaging, it is vital to ensure the packaging machine is flexible enough to adjust itself to the different shapes and sizes. When one considers the other solutions which do not make use of electric actuators, the prices which are extremely high simply discourage someone. However, with the new and reliable solutions using electric actuators, one is introduced to some of the most cost-efficient and low energy systems. Currently, all companies prefer packaging solutions which encompass several functions. For example, a solution that can lift safety covers, adjust the height of machinery, and also accurately position a sealing unit will be preferred to some of the current solutions. However, clients will also consider the time taken because efficiency is also key here.

However, with electric actuators, all the above is possible. It is essential to first acknowledge that electric actuators lack power consuming compressors and hence saves energy. Additionally, they will also help you reduce the maintenance costs while also simplifying the entire process. Finally, cutting costs is also something the packaging solution will help you achieve while also reducing downtime.

Automated Guided Vehicles

AGVs are preferred in most industries because they help reduce manual labor in warehouses as well as production lines. However, it is essential to note that the above can only be possible if the AGVs are durable and incredibly reliable options. Additionally, since everyone is going green, it is only fitting for people to consider options which will help them be a part of the fold. When it comes to choosing the AGVs to use, two words are key here and these are reliability and flexibility. Integrating electric actuators in AGVs makes flexibility and reliability extensively possible.

Textile Machine Solutions

Looking keenly at the textile industry, one can quickly identify environmental sustainability as well as cost-efficiency as the chief problems or challenges. There is indeed no simple way to achieve cost-efficiency and environmental sustainability without exploding one’s cost of operations. However, adding electric actuators in your AGV will help you achieve an intelligent solution, a guaranteed improvement with the actuator technology, and finally, an environmentally friendly and cost efficient solution. Electric actuators have indeed been revolutionary especially in the textile industry and there is indeed no going back.

In conclusion, there is indeed no simple way to achieve increased efficiency and at the same time reduce the cost. However, the use of electric actuators has indeed made things simpler and currently businesses are finding it possible to maximize their profits without increasing their investments.


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