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IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: Getting the Most Out of Open Source While Managing License Compliance, Risk, and Security

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How to Ensure Your Business Computing is Optimal

February 28, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Calvin Paige, Independent Technology Author

So much of business is conducted in virtual space in the modern era, with complex databases, communication platforms, and algorithms all plotting your path through the business landscape. Integral to every business is the smooth, seamless running of these systems; those that flourish, though, unfailingly have IT optimization as one of their core agendas. Encompassing everything from cybersecurity to email maintenance and system monitoring, squeezing the very most out of the computing technology that you utilize in daily, almost unnoticed commercial ways will protect you against any potential digital disasters while serving to ensure the steady growth of your company. Here are some top tips for achieving this sought-after optimization.

Create Company Guidelines

As well as being hugely useful for rapid business, new technologies are also incredibly distracting. An internet connection means your staff are able to check personal emails and social media and it’s even not unheard of play on Pokemon GO, all under the cover of doing some serious work. That’s not to mention smartphones, which again can be as hampering to business success as they can positively influence output.

It’s, therefore, a necessary and shrewd move to create a company policy for the use of these technologies so that your staff are aware of what is and is not acceptable in the workplace. You can put all the expensive and high-tech measures in place to increase the value of your computing power, but if it’s not being used efficiently, it’ll not have the effect on your business that you desire. Lead from the front and set the terms of engagement so that your staff are disciplined in their computer usage.

Outsource to Experts

Possibly the most important step to take in optimizing your digital software and countering any negative influences, like hacking and malware issues – is to outsource these areas of expertise to specialists whose experience and know-how will get the job done quickly and reliably. The investment you make in this will almost certainly be paid back in additional security and more streamlined service.

When it comes to selecting a service, local services with excellent reputations such as the Los Angeles IT outsourcing network are your best bet. Not only do they offer an array of services – some of which you may not have even considered – but they’ll be able to provide you with the sort of advice that you can get nowhere else. Your increased profits add to their portfolio of success, so they truly hold your business’s best interests at heart.

Making the Most of Data

Some statistics state that we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per year. That’s a number most people cannot even comprehend. A similarly mind-boggling amount of data is channeled through the digital systems of your company, and each byte is attached to a story or pattern which, if fully interpreted and understood, will lead your company to new and bountiful pastures.

So, how to use this data? There are some useful tips on the internet how to take simple steps to gain insights through data that point you to search engine analytics, social media analysis and web traffic quantifiers (all free) that will paint a picture of your current reach that you may find highlights new markets to tap into, or established ones that you may be failing to reach properly. Acknowledging the power of Big Data and making its use central to your business model will answer many questions that have gone unanswered inside your company, presenting the opportunity to act on new ideas in revolutionary ways.

Create Dedicated Teams

This all depends on the size of your business and your ability to create specific roles around IT solutions. However, even if it’s just one or two personnel that you bring in or a couple of current employees that you use to plug this hole. You’ll find that dedicated staff focussed on any (or all) aspects of social media, blogging, digital marketing, analytics, cybersecurity will mean you’ve got someone to go to for the low-down on these important digital characteristics of your business.

As these specialized IT gurus grow in their role and get to know the company’s operations better, they’ll be your go-to people before important meetings to decide on the future directions that your company will take. They might recommend anything from further outsourcing to warnings of capacity being reached on your current system; whether the news is bad or good, it pays to have someone in the know deliver it to you as soon as possible, so you can make the decisions that’ll improve your business.

Think Security

Over the last half-decade, cybersecurity has become a chief concern, especially in those organizations that hold sensitive data about their clients, or indeed data that could be exploited by outside actors to make them money – at the expense of your business. It’s crucial to understand the importance of this new risk and to take it seriously. After all, your customers are going to exodus en masse if they find you’ve leaked their personal details through negligence.

These days, such negligence extends to not having installed the appropriate measures against data theft, computer viruses, and hacking troupes. The larger corporations have extensive teams that work on complex mathematics to create puzzles so hard that no powerful external computer can break them. While your company may not be such a big target, that by no means equates to your immunity: all data is valuable so that all data can be looted. Whether you choose to outsource to cybersecurity professionals or invest in the best anti-virus firewall measures, this should be a chief concern for your company moving forward confidently in the digital age.

As a business leader or startup manager, you’ll have heard your fair share of horror stories when it comes to digital mishaps that can topple businesses over the edge. Likewise, you’ll have seen unbelievably successful organizations ride the wave of the digital revolution to commanding positions in their particular markets. To ensure your business replicates the latter, make use of the techniques and technologies listed here so that your computer systems are optimized for the best possible outcomes.


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