How to Get Value from BonitaSoft in One Day

April 29, 2011 No Comments

Business Process Management (BPM) can seem daunting at first. What are business processes and why might one need software in order to manage them? The team at BonitaSoft strives to answer these questions by offering accessible, intuitive, open source BPM solutions that a wide range of organizations can use. In the following blog post I’ll explain how businesses just starting to use BPM (or perhaps even trying it for the first time) can reap tangible benefits from using Bonita Open Solution — in just one day.

Today I want to discuss two of the three components of Bonita Open Solution: Bonita Studio, which people can use to define their processes and model applications, and Bonita User Experience, which is an integrated environment to deploy automated processes and ease the management of those processes for all process actors and administrators.

Bonita Studio: Process and application modeling
Other BPM software may let you model processes, but often you’re left having to code applications by hand! What Bonita Open Solution provides via its Bonita Studio is a flexible, simple way to model both processes and applications. Its graphical interface allows you to define your own connectors and develop processes collaboratively.

Process modeling
There are plenty of common processes that could benefit from BPM, whether it’s automating purchase orders or sales or streamlining administrative processes like renewing passports or booking meeting rooms. Let’s say your business is delivering gifts. Using Bonita Studio, you would first define some resources: list the drivers, the different gifts and all the delivery locations. Then associate the resources you have to your tasks. If you have to deliver 100 gifts in an hour, for example, Bonita Studio can run reports to let you know whether you need more drivers to help you complete your deliveries.

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