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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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How to Set Yourself Up as a Professional Online Business

May 8, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Emily Roberts, Independent Technology Author

Many people dream of going into business for themselves. A relatively select few will actually pursue these dreams and take steps towards making it a reality. The reason why there are so few business owners is that the nature of the business world makes running a business a difficult endeavor. Between developing a truly great idea to securing the capital necessary to open your doors, the challenges can be immense.

Increasingly, many entrepreneurs are finding it possible to open new businesses via online store-fronts and platforms. Requiring a fraction of the capital necessary to open a physical store, online businesses can keep costs lower and serve larger audiences simultaneously. As part of setting up your professional online business, choosing the right legal structure is paramount. Opting for an LLC can provide personal liability protection, potential tax advantages, and increased credibility. Understanding the best llc formation options can simplify this process and help you make a more informed decision, setting up a robust foundation for your online enterprise.

This has made it possible for almost anybody to open an online business. Therein lies the problem: how can potential customers or clients know that you are a truly professional business and not just some fly-by-night operation?

Today, we’ll look at how you can set yourself up as a professional entity online, both in terms of style and substance.

Incorporate Yourself

The first step in legitimizing any online business is incorporation. Whether you intend to do business as a limited liability corporation, sole proprietorship, or another type of company, registering your business with the relevant state and/or federal authorities is crucial.

This will make everything from filing taxes to receiving future loans much easier. A huge component of trust in the eyes of many clients – especially when dealing with fellow businesses or professionals – is having the official paperwork that states you are in compliance with the law.

By incorporating your online brand, you’ll provide that first needed bit of legitimacy that can open many more doors of opportunity for your business.

Get Insurance

Operating as a business – whether it is a sole proprietorship or an LLC – presents unique opportunities and risk. In the case of the latter, you don’t want to be in a position where one mistake can completely dash your dreams of business success.

As such, business liability insurance is a must-have solution, even if you are operating exclusively online. Whether to protect you against breach of contract, faulty products or a nuisance lawsuit, this will provide peace of mind and ensure that you’re protected in the worst of situations.

Additionally, many professional customers and clients like to see that a business is established enough to have its own insurance; this can be another subtle selling point in promoting your trustworthiness.

Enlist Professional Design Services

The image your business presents to the rest of the world can have a profound impact on your overall success. What do people think about your online brand when they first arrive at your website or social media page(s)?

You want to ensure that every design aspect of your online brand is custom-tailored to exude a sense of professionalism. This can be a challenge for those with no graphic design or aesthetic experience, but there are many solutions available to help with this part of the brand building process.

Professional web design services are available for just about all types of businesses. Whether you need a complete web design built from scratch, improvements made or custom social media graphic design work, there are options available for just about any budget. A poor design can alienate many potential customers: be sure to spend enough time and/or resources on creating the best design for your target audience(s).

Have a Marketing Strategy

Any online brand starts out with some advantages and some disadvantages when compared to a traditional business. One of the disadvantages is a lack of visibility. While anybody in the world may, in theory, be able to find your website, nobody will know about it in the beginning and, therefore, won’t be looking for it. Brick and mortar businesses at least have the advantage of being in a physical location, which makes them easily spotted.

Thankfully, online businesses can take it to the next level via marketing. Because the internet is worldwide, there is no reason why people from every country and continent can’t find your offerings. However, a solid marketing campaign must be in place in order to make this happen.

Digital marketing has increasingly become the standard method for increasing exposure, relying on social media advertising, email marketing, search engine ad campaigns and more. Digital marketing works best when targeting multiple platforms and channels simultaneously; this can help convert a greater number of people into customers and will make impressions on them across multiple platforms.

To learn more about how to properly market your business professionally via these methods, click here.

Providing your new online business with a professional look and feel takes a bit of work. Thankfully, much of the effort can be handled relatively easily. By ensuring your business has liability insurance, providing a professional look, using state-of-the-art marketing techniques and incorporating, you’ll be able to exude a professional atmosphere that’ll reassure potential clients.

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