Integrated process-management software can speed up delivery

February 6, 2012 No Comments

An integrated business process-management software suite can be used to enable concurrent workflows, which increases the speed at which work items can be processed within a business, says Ovations business development manager Craig Leppan.

He says the rules that determine the priority and format of a workflow or item can be set, ensuring that all processes in a company follow the same requirements.

The system can be applied to businesses that have to process hundreds or thousands of work items each day. It presents users with the correct context (supporting documents linked to the work item) to enable them to make decisions quickly and accurately according to preset business rules, states Ovations product architect and principal consultant Gean Boegman.

The company will launch its OneStream BPM Web-browser-driven product in February, which uses South African business workflow company K2’s internationally recognised workflow, blackpearl, to execute modelled processes.

The system tracks all changes and decisions, provides managers with real-time monitoring and an overview of the work items and speed of turnarounds. All supporting documents are linked to the work item or customer profile, enabling paperless processing, but can be printed should the need arise. Clients do not need to resubmit supporting documents once submitted and all the documents are easily tracked, he says.

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