Integration as a Service with Apache Camel

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Can you create service-oriented applications with Camel? Of course you can. But what does that really mean? While enterprise integration is a key component of most SOA projects, there are important considerations outside the integration and implementation tier that are critical for a SOA project to be successful. This session will explore the intersection points of service-oriented design and development with enterprise integration frameworks. Keith will highlight important use cases and discuss strategies for dealing with them using concrete examples. Topics covered will include: encapsulating integration logic as a service, using SCA as an application model for integration services, effective use of a service repository for integration artifacts, practical service monitoring approaches, and deploying integration services into the cloud. These examples are centered around using Apache Camel but also reflect the experience of the SwitchYard team in using Camel for integration within an Enterprise Service Bus. The concepts and advice in the talk will be valuable to any user of Camel that is interested in SOA.

Keith Babo Integration as a Service with Apache CamelKeith Babo is a core developer in the JBoss division of Red Hat and project lead for SwitchYard. While most of his career has been in R&D, he spent his first year at Red Hat as a solutions architect, helping organizations adopt open source technologies and stick it to the man. In a former life, he was a senior staff engineer at Sun Microsystems, where he helped create and destroy multiple iterations of business integration middleware.




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