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As of now, version 2 of Jedox Mobile AdHoc is available in the Apple iTunes Store. Jedox users may now use the iPad app to create custom reports and analyses for the Jedox suite. They can also use their iPad to edit and enter budget data. This makes Jedox AG one of the first Performance Management providers offering an iOS app for the entire budget–analysis–reporting process.

“Jedox Mobile AdHoc 2 turns the iPad into a comprehensive tool for planning, reporting, and analysis,” explains Matthias Krämer, Chief Technical Officer of Jedox AG: “Our users are no longer consumers of predefined information. Now, they can create reports as needed or enter or adjust budget figures in the planning process”.

Accordingly, the retail field staff can plan with various order sizes and promotions and create orders while traveling. This facilitates and accelerates the procurement and logistics processes significantly. And it eventually results in direct cost reduction and competitive advantages.
Jedox Mobile AdHoc 2.0 Highlights at a Glance:

*Dashboard Builder for custom reports and analyses

*Write-back feature for real-time planning and budgeting

*Integration of geographical data: measures from multiple locations at one glance through Google Maps.

*Multiple selection to directly choose up to four measures for immediate ad-hoc reporting

*Reports for multiple data providers

Download the free demo version of Jedox Mobile AdHoc from the Appstore and point your browser to for further information and downloads.
Jedox AG, founded in 2002, is one of the leading providers of Performance Management software.


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