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Mobile Posse Launches Idle Screen CRM Platform for Wireless Carriers

November 15, 2010 No Comments

SOURCE:  Mobile Posse

Mobile Posse, Inc., the leading provider of active idle screen content and advertising solutions for mobile, today announced the launch of MobiCRM, a new idle screen CRM platform for wireless carriers. MobiCRM enables carriers to reach their customers with graphical and interactive messages on the most-viewed real estate on the mobile phone: the idle screen. The platform lets carriers leverage largely unused idle screen inventory for proactive and ongoing customer communications. Mobile Posse’s idle screen platform powers MetroPCS MyExtras, a free informational service for MetroPCS customers. MetroPCS is the first carrier in the U.S. to launch idle screen CRM services for its subscribers.

MobiCRM activates the mobile idle screen, allowing service providers to proactively deliver informative and engaging idle screen messages throughout the customer lifecycle. Mobile Posse’s CRM platform is designed to support all aspects of the customer experience, from initial customer education to ongoing customer service and support. For example, the platform can be used to educate users about new products and features, to seek customer feedback about their wireless service, or to remind users of an upcoming event, such as a payment due date. In addition, the platform supports a range of integrated call-to-actions—including click-to-call, click-to-web, and click-to-SMS—which serve to maximize and streamline customer response. By design, messages are only delivered to the customer’s mobile phone when not in use, ensuring a superior and non-intrusive user experience.

MetroPCS MyExtras delivers important carrier announcements and helpful information to MetroPCS subscribers. New customers are welcomed with a comprehensive introduction to their wireless service. MyExtras also educates users about their current rate plan, offers tutorials on advanced wireless services, and provides answers to frequently-asked-questions. MetroPCS subscribers may elect to receive optional content messages, like weather forecasts, local gas prices, and sports scores, along with occasional offers from local and national retailers. MyExtras is pre-loaded on new MetroPCS phones and is available to current MetroPCS customers as a downloadable application from the BREW catalog on their mobile phone. There is no cost for end users to download or use the MyExtras application.

“We’ve built a messaging platform that delivers phenomenal consumer engagement. Enabling our carrier partners to leverage these capabilities for CRM is a natural extension of our platform,” said Jon Jackson, Founder & CEO, Mobile Posse. “MobiCRM lets wireless carriers connect with their subscriber base in an entirely new way. Carriers can now benefit from the same industry-leading engagement and CTRs that have been enjoyed by advertisers. Mobile Posse is pleased to be working with MetroPCS to debut an innovative and valued idle screen CRM service for their subscribers.”

The flexibility and scalability of the platform allows carriers to manage the quality of customer interaction that occurs through the active idle screen. As a white-labeled solution, MobiCRM is customized for each carrier with unique features and programming. Comprehensive reporting and analytics provides the carrier with detailed, transaction-level information and actionable insights into customer data. Carriers can further customize their experience by deploying optional content and advertising messages alongside of subscriber-focused CRM messages. Subscribers opt-in to receive free mobile content and advertiser offers, providing additional value for consumers and an incremental advertising-based revenue stream for carriers. For more information about Mobile Posse and MobiCRM, please visit

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