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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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New Technologies that Are Supposed to Change Education

February 21, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Sarah Tremblay, Independent Technology Author

Technology continues to revolutionize aspects of the economy every year. Currently, it is making strong headways in the education sector, and major changes are expected as others are slowly integrated. From preschool to students at the university level, teaching and learning are being changed to something that has never been seen before. Teaching is being made fun and enjoyable while students are being introduced to learning ways which are making school fun and success almost tangible. While some people and parents are in support of the new changes and improvements, others believe that students may become too dependent on technology which will impede their creativity. The above has become a major issue, but in spite of the controversy, more education-related tools are being churned out almost every month. With new trends in the mainstream comes major changes in almost every sector and education has been one of the most notable beneficiaries. Regardless of the issues surrounding technological improvements and integration in schools, one cannot ignore the fact that technology has indeed made enormous changes. This article will take you through some of the technologies we believe will transform the education sector.

According to Essay Zoo, the following new technologies are expected to change education.

Track Progress

In the past, parents got to know about their children’s progress in school when they went for the annual parent-teacher meetings. However, a year to get to know about one’s child’s progress is quite a long time. Therefore, schools started entertaining the idea of student information systems which provide parents with the ability to track their children’s progress in school. A parent can, therefore, track their child’s academic progress, class attendance, disciplinary records, as well as the assignments a student is expected to finish. Aside from the above, parents can also receive notifications and periodic updates detailing their children’s progress. These are quite helpful and make it easier for parents to be a part of their children’s lives remotely.

Cloud-based teaching and learning

When you miss a class, it takes one a lot of time to catch up with the rest. One is often forced to ask for their friends’ notes which may or may not have captured everything that was taught. However, students will no longer need to borrow their friends’ notes or keep looking for the teachers hoping they will get the notes that were dictated. Currently, a majority of tech-savvy teachers and students are using online platforms to save class notes which can be shared and accessed by anyone. These platforms allow more than just class notes and students as well as teachers can save or store other resources and assignments there.


Are you good or exceptional at taking notes during lessons? If the answer is yes, then you are in luck because flashnotes will allow you to upload lecture notes and then sell them later to students who are in need of the same resources. Flashnotes is also fitted with a rating system which allows students to be graded depending on their prowess in note-taking. Therefore, if you are one of the attentive students who stay awake during classes and also is engaged during lessons, then take advantage of your hard work and start earning. Aside from the business aspect, flashnotes gifts students a platform where they can share their work and engage each other.

Video-sharing platforms in the classroom

There is no denying that watching a video appeals to many people as opposed to reading an article. Students are among this crowd, and a majority of them find videos stimulating. Currently, there are thousands of videos on YouTube and Vimeo which are specifically uploaded for learning purposes. Teachers have discovered that students find learning through video sessions fascinating. Therefore, a majority of them are entertaining the idea of using videos and are turning almost every demonstration into a video which is then uploaded to these platforms.

Remote learning

This was unheard of two decades ago, but currently, universities from all over the world are admitting students who are thousands of miles away in other continents. When online courses or learning was introduced, it was met with a lot of issues, and some people even called it a revolution. However, remote learning has continued to grow and has been introduced in a lot of countries. Students from all over the world are paying millions of dollars annually to study. People from all walks of life are being given the opportunity to earn degrees, and a majority of them gladly welcome these changes.

Study Blue

Research often proves to be a challenging task and is one of the reasons why students consider custom essay writing services. However, imagine a world where your phone is your primary source. Everything you need is right there with you, and you can access it by pressing a few buttons or swiping a few times. Study Blue is an app that gives you this chance because it allows you to organize your notes, coursework, flashcards, and even share course materials with your peers. This app is indeed revolutionary, and you can use it remotely.


In conclusion, technology is revolutionizing education, and I believe that we have not yet seen anything yet. There is more to come and the education sector will still change, and technology will be at the center of everything.

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