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Nexgate Steps Up Security & Compliance for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and More

November 20, 2013 No Comments

SOURCE: Nexgate

SAN FRANCISCO, November 20, 2013Nexgate, an innovator in social media brand protection and compliance today announced new, first-of-their-kind capabilities and resources for businesses to quantify, operationalize, and automatically catch and remediate social media risks across security and compliance. With coverage across Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and more, including the usage of the latest LinkedIn Pages API, Nexgate extends the most comprehensive social network-based visibility and risk management in the market.

The increase in business usage of social networks means that organizations are increasingly struggling with social media spam, account hacks, exposure of sensitive company information, and new regulatory requirements.  Reports of the rise in Twitter spam as well as the latest SEC requirements for public companies disclosing data on social media mean that companies need to take action quickly or risk losing ROI while also facing fines.  Yet, until now, the consumer-generated infrastructure we call social media has left many organizations without visibility of, and, protection for, both their company and employee-owned accounts and communications.

Available immediately, Nexgate has delivered a comprehensive set of new capabilities to get visibility and control of these evolving risks along with resources to help businesses best implement risk management.  These new capabilities and resources include:

• The first social media risk quantification and measurement dashboard that unifies visibility into social account level content and publishing application usage risks across social networks; across security, compliance, and acceptable use; including ROI measurement for security itself.
• New social spam policies as well as new account hacking detection capabilities to automatically detect and handle the latest rise in spam and threats on Twitter, Facebook, and more.
• New compliance policies for advertising and promotional statements covered under the Truth in Lending Act, the FTC Act, and the Truth in Savings Act, as well as SEC requirements for disclosure of information of publicly traded companies.  These include policies for FFIEC Fair Housing, FFIEC Regulation B, FFIEC Regulation DD & NCUA 707, FFIEC Regulation Z, and SEC Regulation FD.
• Additional LinkedIn coverage with the new LinkedIn Pages API across the existing and new Nexgate security, regulatory, governance, and compliance policies.
• New analyst research and best practices guide for Roles & Responsibilities in social media risk management, including an upcoming experts webinar on December 3.

“With investment and clear business opportunity in social, there is a corresponding rise in the risk of that investment being exploited or going astray from regulatory and governance requirements,” said Alan Webber, Principal, Asymmetric Insights and upcoming panelist in Social Media Risk Roles & Responsibilities Webinar.  “Companies need to get visibility into their risks, set the appropriate policies, assign people to roles of responsibility for that risk policy, and use technology to effectively enforce those policies.”

“We have become more and more aware of our increased activity across social networks and, as a financial services organization, we are increasingly worried about the variety of potential risks that we can face from that,” said Micah Fox, Digital and Online Communications, ING.  “We needed to quickly get visibility and measurement of that risk across vectors from compliance in LinkedIn Groups to spam in Facebook comments and Twitter Direct messages.  With that visibility, we can automatically enforce policies, track their effectiveness, and tune our efforts to positively impact that effectiveness.  By addressing that risk and proving safety we can more successfully and confidently invest in social media.”

“With the dramatic increase in the types of risks in social media for businesses, it is easy for social media, IT, and compliance teams to become overwhelmed,” said Devin Redmond, Co-founder & CEO of Nexgate. “Our mission is to enable safe adoption of social media for business and our objectives with this release support that.  By giving organizations more real technology to understand and quantify their risk across social networks as well as giving them the ability to set automated controls and workflow to mitigate that risk only proves our commitment to our mission.  Beyond just the technology, we wanted to respond to the requests of our customers to help them prepare and align their teams to best handle the risks of social media and manage the technology that helps them with that risk.”

More Information:
Social Media Regulatory Compliance
Nexgate Social Patrol
Social Media Spam Report
Social Media Risk Management Roles & Responsibilities Report
Roles & Responsibilities Experts Webinar

For more information on Nexgate, visit

About Nexgate

Nexgate provides cloud-based brand protection and compliance for enterprise social media accounts. Its patent-pending technology seamlessly integrates with the leading social media platforms and applications to find and audit brand affiliated accounts, control connected applications, detect and remediate compliance risks, archive communications, and detect fraud and account hacking.

Nexgate is based in San Francisco, California, and is used by some of the world’s largest financial services, pharmaceutical, Internet security, manufacturing, media, and retail organizations to discover, audit and protect their social infrastructure.



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