No way back…No Return to Old Application

December 28, 2011 No Comments

Implementation of new Application like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be very tricky. Maintenance and operation of old CRM system is demanding and at certain point of development needs to be leaved. Needs to be switched to new CRM that is at certain level of deployment, not completed yet.

This is crossroad where old solution needs to be leaved, and switch to new solution must be done. Parallel work needs to be supported just in case if switch fails. Parallel work cannot last very long, and it is very demanding and stressful for business and IT resources. Initial loads into new solution can go quite smoothly but incremental loads… they are the real challenges for complex Information Systems.

At one point of switching process there is no way back. There is no return to old application if at ending stages of deployment new solution starts to show significant errors: functional, structural, conceptual… unpredictable to be more precise.

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