On-Demand Webcast: Mitigating the Hidden Risks of a Data Center Consolidation

August 14, 2013 No Comments


Data centers consolidations. They are mission-critical. Get it right, and you can significantly reduce costs and operate more efficiently. But many consolidations don’t live up to expectations. There are budget overruns, missed schedules, operational disruptions and hidden risks, not anticipated.

Consolidating a data center is a balancing act between risk and reward. What are the hidden risks and how do you avoid them? What are the key strategies to achieve a successful move? What kind of skillsets and experience do you need on your project team?

In this webcast, we answer those questions and more with two of the industries leading experts – Gartner Managing VP, Chief of Research, Dave Cappuccio and David-Kenneth Group CEO, Dave Mathisen. A data center consolidation is a once in a lifetime IT project. Spend a minutes with us and learn more about the pitfalls of data center consolidation and how to avoid them.


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