Oracle CRM On Demand Helps eSilicon Improve Security and Insight

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SOURCE:  Oracle

Here  is a an overview of how Oracle CRM On Demand eSilicon improves Security and Insight:

--  In order to improve security and data access along with new reporting
    and integration goals, eSilicon Corporation, the largest independent
    semiconductor Value Chain Producer (VCP), recently implemented Oracle
    CRM On Demand.

--  The core of eSilicon's Oracle CRM On Demand deployment is focused on a
    smarter use of security and opportunity management to increase
    efficiencies within teams and knowledge across the organization.

--  eSilicon transferred all data from their former CRM application to
    Oracle CRM On Demand for the first phase, including a tightening of
    security and a seamless transition of similar forms.

--  Every eSilicon group, from engineering to marketing, requires a
    different type of access for individual opportunities. Oracle CRM On
    Demand Role Management provides eSilicon with the unique management
    and security capabilities to specify access and views to fields, as
    well as tailored update capabilities on a role-by-role basis across
    various departments.

--  eSilicon previously struggled with limited alerts and workflow to
    monitor and notify users of any field-level changes. With Oracle CRM
    On Demand, they are able to configure and customize designated alerts
    in order to increase the flow of information and knowledge throughout
    the organization.
--  eSilicon eliminated the need for programming help with reporting and
    dashboards customization by leveraging Oracle CRM On Demand and its
    rich reporting capabilities that can be easily performed by end users.

--  In addition, eSilicon programmers needed to customize layout changes
    and web applets in their previous system. Oracle CRM On Demand
    eliminates the need for additional resources so even business users,
    without any training required, can easily make these changes.

--  Since deploying Oracle CRM On Demand, the eSilicon marketing team has
    improved its campaign management with significant results. Previously,
    the company's quarterly newsletter took one day to finish sending to
    20,000 recipients. With Oracle CRM On Demand, it now takes just
    minutes to completely send to all recipients.

--  eSilicon expects campaigns to reach more people and produce more leads
    with the additional response types, visibility into each contact, and
    analytics provided by Oracle CRM On Demand.
--  The second deployment phase underway now focuses on the integration of
    Oracle CRM On Demand with Oracle E-Business Suite and other

--  eSilicon is also beginning to integrate Oracle CRM On Demand with
    other business systems like Oracle ERP and Hyperion systems in order
    to transfer data and integrate with other systems to better display
    customer-specific data.

Supporting Quote

--  "Our deployment of Oracle CRM On Demand already delivers improved
    security and opportunity management, which we initially identified as
    the key goals to achieve," said Gino Skulick, eSilicon's VP Worldwide
    Sales. "Beyond this first phase, we look forward to tightening the
    integration with other applications and extend our reach with customer
    service, produce more leads and ultimately expand sales opportunities
    with Oracle CRM On Demand. We can move forward and not worry about
    looking back since Oracle maintains all of our software upgrades and
    patches. The undeniable business value provided by Oracle CRM On
    Demand is making a huge and positive impact on our organization."

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