Quorum Protects City’s Critical Utilities Infrastructure With Hybrid Cloud Solution

October 4, 2013 No Comments

SOURCE: Quorum

Quorum, the leading provider of one-click backup, recovery and continuity for small to mid-sized businesses, today announced that the City of Mt. Dora has successfully deployed the Quorum solution. Citing the solution’s simplicity, ease of use, and on-demand and automatic testing, the central Florida city finds peace of mind in knowing recovery of its departments’ data, applications and systems is minutes away.

“When system downtime threatens to shut down critical business functions for any of Mt. Dora’s nine departments — which include police, fire, water, the city manager and public works — it’s easy to see how grave the impact would be,” said Johnna Shamblin, IT manager for the City of Mt. Dora. “This means that having a disaster recovery solution in place that minimizes downtime is absolutely critical. We considered a number of different disaster recovery solutions, and only Quorum was able to deliver the instant recovery required to keep our departments always on.”

After several years relying on Zenith Infotech’s BDR disaster recovery system, Shamblin and Mike Andrews, assistant IT manager for the City of Mt. Dora, found the company’s appliances were approaching capacity. So when one of the city’s 25 servers reached a certain size, it stopped backing up. Of course, this proved problematic: If the city lost the server that gave the backup problems, recovery would last at least as long as it took to move the vast volume of data to a new server — a day or longer. In addition, BDR offered little by way of testing capabilities. In fact, due to the length of time it took to perform tests, Shamblin and Andrews were able to carve out only a few days each year to complete the process. Realizing the limitations of the BDR system, they initiated a search for a new disaster recovery solution. Quorum was introduced as an option, and after a thorough investigation, Shamblin and Andrews made their decision.

“Aside from Quorum’s one-click, instant recovery of data, applications and systems, the solution’s ease of use and automatic and on-demand testing capabilities made it an attractive choice,” said Andrews, who performed the installation and configuration after purchase. “We deployed Quorum in January 2013, and it’s now protecting all 25 of our servers.”

“Cities run just like any small to mid-sized business, and system downtime can devastate their critical infrastructures just as severely,” said Larry Lang, CEO, Quorum. “The City of Mt. Dora is one of a growing number of cities that understands the importance of instant recovery of its data, applications and systems in order to properly serve its residents. Investing in Quorum is certainly a step in the right direction.”

For more information on Quorum’s one-click backup, recovery and continuity, DRaaS and appliance solutions, please visit www.quorum.net.



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