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Scale Your Business With These SEO Growth Hacking Techniques

March 9, 2017 No Comments

Featured blog by Maulik Patel, Creative Entrepreneur and managing director at HireSEOAgency

It is not at all possible to survive in this competitive market if your website has very less number of visitors. For a number of companies, online business is the way through which they are attracting larger revenue. The main reason why people prefer to shop online is because they get the best value for the product or they are sure to find a discount deal. So if you too want to reap the benefits then simply creating an attractive website is not enough. You need to have some strategies in place which can help you leave a footprint on the search engines.

Understanding the need of businesses to rank better on search engines, search engine optimization practice was formed. With time, things changed and now SEO has become the must-have practice to be followed by the online businesses. By following the SEO techniques, businesses have been able to rank better on the search engines, get noticed by the shoppers and make money.

If you think that applying a few techniques will do the job then let me tell you that you need to take great care when you are going for SEO techniques. With changing Google’s algorithm you face new challenges and so you have to keep up with them through advanced SEO efforts.

To help you out, I will show you a few important SEO techniques which you can apply and get results without spending much money.

Understand the technicalities of SEO

You must inculcate SEO practices the moment you launch your online business. This is very important as you will not be able to do good and make money if proper steps are not taken from the beginning itself.

The first thing you need to do is to check the robot.txt file and meta tags. Whether the pages are visible on Google or not can be understood once you go through this file. If you want certain pages to be indexed or not on the search engines even it can be controlled from here.

Another important aspect of a website is it’s XML sitemap and architecture. From time and again, Google robots crawl through the web pages to look for valuable information. This is where the importance of sitemap and website architecture comes into play. For better customer experience, it is important for a website to have a proper architecture and navigation. In case you fail to achieve it, Google will fail to crawl through some important pages and your customers will not get to know about your website completely.

Make sure you provide a smooth navigation to the customers and whatever content is present on the website should be useful to the end users. Moreover, responsiveness should be given priority so that users can use the website irrespective of their device.

If you want to attract more users towards your website, you should have the website domain in the country where you prefer to do business. Moreover, to focus on the local search, buying the right kind of domain names will help you in the long way.

In case yours is an MNC, then trying to get the root domain name will be preferable for you as you will be completely doing the business through internet. It is good if you get the .com domain but, even if you fail to grab it no issues as you will be able to rank better by implementing other SEO factors.

Moreover, if you are new to the business, then it would be better you go for a single language first rather than opting for the localization thing.

Do keyword research properly

When it comes to creating a blog post, it has to be done by keeping a certain word or phrase in mind – termed as a keyword. The keyword is generated based on the user search on search engines. You have more chances to get a better position of Google by implementing right content marketing strategies. You should take your time to analyze the keywords that will get you more traffic. Using Google Keyword planner can help you get better results.

Content matters

There was a time when writing and publishing content was enough. Having a logical and informative content will help you get viewers but things have changed today. The reason behind it is that now you can easily find informative and quality content everywhere. So all you can do is properly market your content, apply promotional strategies and check out other growth hacking techniques.

One of the best ways to boost conversion rate is by publishing and promoting your blog. Once you have a content ready, go for link building. Creating attractive visual contents like videos, images or articles is another best way to let bloggers share the content on their website. Getting backlinks from authority websites will definitely help you rank better.

Always keep your potential buyers in mind when crafting the content. This way you can create a scenario to attract visitors towards your blog which can turn out to be your leads. Make sure you come up with relevant contents that are informative and have a connection with what services and products you are offering.

You can create contents which have a number of links and images and can be shared on social media platforms. Carrying out email campaigns and social media sharing is another best way to connect with the potential buyers. Just be sure to come with the right strategy for different media platforms as they work differently.

It is not necessary that the growth hacking technique that works for a website may work equally for another one. So it is all about research and experiments to find the right solution for your business.

Author Bio: Maulik Patel is a Creative Entrepreneur and managing director at HireSEOAgency, top seo company of India. He has more than 7 years of experience in small business growth strategies, content marketing and technical seo.




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