Social Media Can Play a Role in Business Process Management

January 8, 2013 No Comments

Today, organizations need to be able to execute at the pace of global volatility. Those that can adapt to trends, preferences and issues ahead of their competitors can create a defensible advantage. But you may not be able to do that unless you can get real-time market data and rapidly align your organization to the new priorities and practices. Too often, old, legacy processes prevent companies from having that agility.

Fortunately, social media offers us a chance to improve the communications supporting process improvement. Leading organizations are already using the power of social media to shape their business process management (BPM) agendas. Although the use of social media in BPM may still be in its infancy, its potential for increasing the agility of business processes — allowing for change in the early stages of product development, for example — is immense. Social media in BPM can accomplish this in three ways: First, by collecting customer feedback and using it to adjust processes; second, by disseminating knowledge and increasing acceptance of new processes; and third, by helping identify which processes really contribute to competitive differentiation.

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