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Driving Better Outcomes through Workforce Analytics Webcast

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Software AG Unveils Cloud-Computing Vision for Faster Business Innovation and Transformation

February 23, 2011 No Comments

SOURCE:  Software AG

Software AG today announced its comprehensive technology approach for cloud computing. Software AG fully supports the vision of extreme collaboration with cloud enabling technology to facilitate faster change and process improvement with greater participation from all key stakeholders.

“Everyone understands that cloud computing can reduce total cost of ownership and speed-up time to market for software-based projects,” said Dr. Wolfram Jost, Chief Technology Officer and member of the Executive Board, Software AG. “But Software AG’s cloud strategy delivers additional value by embracing the vision of extreme collaboration, which goes beyond just cost savings to create a new way of innovating for the business. Cloud enablement of enterprise IT is the base for extreme collaboration which will remove the traditional barriers to collaboration between business and IT and accelerate business improvement.”

Building on the core concepts of cloud computing (such as the use of Internet technologies and elastic scalability), Software AG’s cloud vision  goes further: it combines dynamic and active process modeling, ad hoc management and monitoring, and decisions powered by the historic and real-time intelligence from a wide variety of enterprise and external participants. It includes the use of social technologies to support these ad-hoc and collaborative efforts. While spanning organizational and geographic boundaries, extreme collaboration brings together diverse individuals who work together to improve the business, the process, and ultimately the goods and services delivered by the enterprise.

Collaboration within and beyond the enterprise
What is new about Software AG’s cloud computing is that more people, more knowledge and more history are leveraged to act faster within the context of the corporate strategy. Collaboration within and beyond the enterprise is supported by governance and approval lifecycles to ensure consistent quality and movement towards the overall company strategy. Empowering a new class of enterprise workers with a variety of mobile devices ensures the coordination and decisions are made in real-time with continuous, streaming updates while enabling individuals to join or leave interactions at will. The resulting solutions provide benefits to customers by driving business change dynamically and fast and, ultimately, dramatically reducing the cost of doing business.

For example, by involving product experts, process experts, business leaders, customers and partners, Software AG’s technology in a manufacturer’s product planning process would reduce the time between product improvements and result in faster product delivery. Ultimately, this would save the manufacturer time and money, increasing competitive advantage.

“SOA and Business Process Management initiatives aim to improve business and process performance,” said Daryl C. Plummer, Managing VP & Gartner Fellow. “But Gartner believes that extreme collaboration is critical to impacting change and improving performance. Cloud computing accelerates collaboration and allows BPM and SOA initiatives to have an even greater impact.”

“At Software AG we have been incubating capabilities to support extreme collaboration for several years,” noted Dr. Jost. “Now, as relevant cloud-computing technologies are becoming mainstream and our business innovation efforts are bearing fruit, we are poised to deliver breakthrough solutions for Service-Oriented Architecture and Business Process Management in the cloud.”

Direction and Roadmap
In the near future, Software AG will announce further information regarding its cloud strategy. This will include capabilities to support the webMethods and ARIS product suites while enabling collaboration in the enterprise.

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