Software as a Service (SaaS); A growing Trend in Data Management

January 25, 2011 No Comments


We recently signed up to a CRM web-based application and so far it has proven to be a wise investment. Automating and simplifying some tasks previously carried out manually and more importantly we have avoided the drudgery of installing, configuring and subsequently maintaining the software. Our consultants can now log in from anywhere and use or input company-wide data without having to be at our office or logged into our machines. This is a pretty cool service.

Another significant occurrence, for me, that heralded the arrival of SaaS was when I had a need to share a ‘live’ document with a friend. As I was pondering how we could both access the document without having to save and send via email a former work-mate suggested we use a particular application on the cloud, this application allows for document-sharing on the ‘cloud’.  Perfect!!

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