SpiderOak: Why Privacy Matters

March 21, 2013 1 Comment

SpiderOak was built from the ground up with privacy as its core value. While much attention is paid to security breaches and the vulnerability of data, there is a clear differentiation between security and privacy. Data breaches and security failures are a part of online life. SpiderOak is a firm believer in encrypting data from end-to-end so that 3rd party services who store your data never have plaintext access. Privacy is the best form of security.

The following slide deck breaks down the key differences, as well as exploring the role of privacy in the new digital world. Whether you are an everyday consumer with personal information on the Internet, or a business with sensitive information that needs to be protected at all costs – understanding the importance of privacy in our new digital world is critical.

Click here to view slide deck

One Comments to “SpiderOak: Why Privacy Matters”
  1. Stuart W. says:

    As I commented on SpiderOak.com where the “Explainer” is also embedded, it completely fails in Opera and is replaced with an ad for Google Chrome — hardly in keeping with the content of the slide deck!

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