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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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The Benefits of the Collaboration Between Max Polyakov’s Noosphere Ventures and FAI Starts Manifesting

September 18, 2017 No Comments

Featured article by Thomas Nemel, Independent Technology Author

Noosphere Ventures went into a very detailed collaborative deal with World Air Sports Federation (FAI) to make the latter the official technical partner to the former on February 2, 2017.

Soccer gameImage Credit: FAI via

The people that signed the pact were the Managing Partner to Noosphere Ventures, Max Polyakov, and the president and secretary of FAI, Frits Brink and Susanne Schödel respectively. Through the agreement, the body that has existed for more than a century will see its scoring system, digital systems, and event handling, updated.

According to Max Polyakov of Noosphere Ventures, they are rearing to go in the bid to take the innovation trend into the technical sports world through the deal with FAI.

It was at the World Games 2017 held on July 20-30 in Wroclaw, Poland, that the initial manifestation of the effects of this agreement was felt. It involved the testing of the new scoring system named Cup Navigator.

With this, the organization of the events data is simplified while the scoring is perfected. The results received when this was tested in 3 events were amazing. So, it has been adopted for use in all future events.

MeetingImage Credit: Noosphere Ventures via FB

It is with joy that Noosphere Ventures witnesses the use of this solution in this sector that involves advanced techniques already. Air sports have been largely ridiculed for its lack of a perfect measuring system for the outcomes.  The efficiency of your actions and accuracy in measurement you will achieve when you work while on your feet cannot be achieved when you are suspended hundreds of feet in the air. But while players try hard to defeat gravity while on the air, the judges must also strive to overcome errors in judgment. Improved transparency and accuracy in the measurement of results is the major task of the new scoring solutions.

Image Credit: Noosphere Ventures via FB

It was revealed by Noosphere’s Michael Ryabokon that they’ve been in collaboration with FAI for more than 4 years now, precisely in the Space Modelling sector. He said that they have always worked towards delving into the ballooning, paramotoring, and gliding areas. So, seeing their solution applied here is a real thing of joy to them.

The official website of the Air Sports Games also received some retouching by Noosphere Ventures while working on the scoring tool. The result is that list of future, past, and present events, biography of competitors, results, and schedules are now displayed on the site.

It is also good to point out that noteworthy changes have also been reported by the World Games 2017 athletes in comparison to what was obtainable in the past. FAI, through its cooperation with Max Polykov’s Noosphere Ventures is expecting that their partner’s drive in this sector will convince other spectators to get involved.

Other sports are not under Noosphere Ventures Ukraine’s radar. That is why Association Noosphere threw a hackathon aimed at developing a new system to score ballooning tournaments in some of the renowned Universities in Ukraine in some months ago. The three teams that were selected at the end of the program are working on their ideas so that the template could be tested at the FAI Ballooning Competition that will come up in the future.


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