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The Best Construction Project Management Software Reviews

September 9, 2022 No Comments

Featured article by Noman Aqil, CEO of Domains Highway

Technology has permeated almost all the processes of the different industries today; the construction industry is no exception. With the construction industry slowly moving towards automation to improve its processes, many IT companies have risen to the challenge by creating construction project management software programs to help the industry make the transition.

But, what is a construction management software? Construction project management software program is a software platform that aims to help companies in different processes like but not limited to, budget management, decision-making, file sharing, and job scheduling. The best project management construction software for your company will help construction business processes easier through computerization.

But with over 200 kinds of software players out there in the market that specializes in web-based construction project management, it can get confusing to decide which one is the best construction project management software. Here are some of them:


Procore constantly ranks in the top 5 of the Best construction project management software in reputable websites like Capterra.

Procore is a web-based construction management software that provides your company with a centralized system with the ability to seamlessly connect your team, devices, and applications. Its unified platform easily gives you and your team the power to access data that can help systematize your operations. Thus, making it easy for you and your team to make decisions and projections for your construction company for real-time data-driven facts.

It was launched in 2003 and was founded on three primary core beliefs: (1) helping the vendor listen to client challenges and requests, (2) developing solutions to address these challenges, and (3) instantaneous use of the products and solutions.

Unlike its competitors that charge a per-user rate, Procore’s web-based construction project management software offers access to unlimited users at no extra cost, can manage multiple projects and has the ability to let users monitor the project progress across a host of devices running on different platforms. It includes a change order system and a drawing management tool. And, although the pricing is by a quote, it offers a simple flat- rate annual pricing which depends on how the software will be utilized.

Procore’s development is user-centric. This means Procore’s team is constantly working with users to create, improve and develop new features in the software. Once their team thoroughly understands what the client want and needs, their design and engineering team gets to work to create the technology that can help their customer achieve their objectives. This type of product development makes the software user-friendly which enables quick implementation which can easily translate to a greater return on investment.

Procore operates under the SaaS ( Software-as-a-Service) model. The software allows general contractors and project managers on a subscription basis.

Genie Belt

GenieBelt is a web-based construction and project management software that connects users from their home office to their work sites or vice versa. The system allows seamless sharing of drawings, projects, progress reports among and has a dashboard where users can see all the projects as well as receive notifications of all sorts.

Although GenieBelt can do many things, this software specializes in scheduling and creates what they call audit trails for each document ’s stored in the system. This allows users to see when and who edited the documents As soon as the system sees a that change has been made, users can either accept or reject the changes.


Wrike construction management software boasts of web-based all in one solution for people in the construction business who wants to streamline their project management efforts. Its features include plan visualization, resource allocation tools and time tracking options easily streamline the seemingly complicated construction process.

Wrike has an easy to use, intuitive interface that even novices will find easy to use making the learning curve easier. This robust software also has open API options that allow it to integrate with many software ecosystems. In this way, it is easily customizable depending on the needs of your business.

Wrike construction management software can run on Windows, Linux, Android, IOS, MAC and offers English, Dutch, Polish, Turkish and Swedish language support.


Co-Construct is a web-based, SaaS model mobile project management software that offers three main modules to help building and remodeling companies with managing project related responsibilities like project scheduling, budgeting, project planning, and client communication.

Co-Construct dashboard controls are intuitive and easy to use even for the novice, cutting thru the learning curve of having to learn a new software. The Co-Construct app is cloud hosted. This translates to hassle-free maintenance and installation for you, the end user.

While Co-Construct certainly has many things to boast of, one of the most attractive features of this software is its ability to build bids within seconds and compiling data with the minimal manual entry. You can create proposals using drag and drop, or use one of its pre-made templates that has all the required information. And, if you need to make an adjustment, changes are immediately made all through the document.

However, on the downside, Co-Construct does not offer a free limited trial of its system, however, you can request a free live demo of the product to have all the functionalities of the system explained.

Builder Trend

BuilderTREND is a web-based construction management software built a privately held company located in Minneapolis USA. This project management software can manage communication, project schedule, budget, and, documents among many things.

One of the best features of BuilderTREND is its lead management tool. This feature allows its users to build and monitor leads in the pipeline, and convert it into projects. Users have access to historical data for previous estimates which can help make proposals and bids easier. This software also provides easy access to the software across devices ( tablet, phones, etc) via an app, so that users are kept updated on the progress whether they are in the office, or out in the field.

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Noman Aqil is an entrepreneur and CEO of Domains Highway. He works with companies to boost their search engine positions, and ensure an increase in customer engagement and revenue.

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