The Guys Behind Google Wallet Want to Personalize Your Next Shopping Trip

January 14, 2013 No Comments

When Marc Freed-Finnegan and Jonathan Wall left the Google Wallet team in 2012 to launch a startup, Silicon Valey watchers figured they were cooking up another mobile wallet. The two are finally revealing more details about their San Francisco-based startup Index, formerly known as Tappmo, and there’s isn’t a wallet in sight. Instead, the stealthy startup is essentially offering to turn every store into the same sleek, technology-driven experience of an Apple store, where you get that one-two punch of efficient, yet tailored service.

The two co-founders say Index has two major goals: help retailers create a personalized shopping experience and offer vastly improved customer service. “It’s increasingly easier to buy the same item across many different retailers, so not only are companies competing on price, but also for the same customers,” says Freed-Finnegan. “Companies have to give a better experience than their competitor to win.”

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