Three Cloud Computing Mistakes not to Make in 2011

January 10, 2011 No Comments

The New Year’s hangover has come and gone, perhaps a few resolutions were broken, but the year still lies ahead of us.  There are a few things to think about around cloud computing as we move into 2011.  Here are three mistakes to avoid.

First, don’t let the hype drive your decisions.  These days it’s easy to manage-by-magazine, or perhaps manage-by-blog.  Cloud computing feels like there is a huge party going on and you’re not invited.  However, the reality is that cloud computing has been undergoing a more conservative growth cycle than the press has let.  You should approach cloud computing as more of a skeptic rather than a fan boy or fan girl.

Second, don’t follow the wrong leader.  Every CTO, no matter if they build databases or social networks, calls themselves leaders and innovators in the cloud computing space.  This is due largely to the fact that the term ‘cloud computing’ is so widely defined.  The reality is that there are no true cloud computing thought leaders, just a few guys out there with some good ideas around how the cloud computing movement applies to their products.  So, be careful who you follow.

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