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Top 10 tips for hiring a Ruby on Rails Development Company

January 16, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Adam Smith, Independent Technology Author

The Ruby programming language is unique. So many programmers absolutely love it because it is just nice to work with. Thanks to it, you can solve complex problems in simple ways; perfectly understand the HTTP protocol and the principles of REST. And, of course, Ruby knows how to optimize and test the code. Some details on how to hire a developer:

Everyone uses Rails from start-ups and non-profit organizations to large businesses. Rails is primarily an infrastructure, so the environment is great for any type of web application, be it programs for collaboration, community support, e-business, content management, statistics, management. So how to hire a Ruby on Rails Development Company for your business?

1. Avoid blurriness in your requirements.

Example: you can receive a generic letter from a regular recruiter of a “cool” start-up company with such an offer- “Hey, guys, we’re inviting you to work! Are you interested in it?” If you ask about the details of the vacancy, you will be sent to their website. Even if the links were not listed, they may suggest: “Visit our website and get acquainted with the page called “vacancies”. Never spam and always determine your requirements to avoid ineffective developers.

2. Stop describing posts incompletely

Posts like “The developer of Ruby on Rails” don’t say much and will confuse the developer. The title does not say absolutely anything about what the job actually is. What problems need to be addressed? Do I need to do programming, or just work with Rails? Will my C / C ++ education be required?

3. Do a standard technical interview

You know what I mean. There are many options, but they all unite into something like:

-Ask to write the program on paper or on a white board

-Ask to write a program for the Fibonacci function

-Ask any question that begins with the words “tell about the case when”.

4. Be interested

True enthusiasm is contagious and convincing. Fake enthusiasm is dangerous: at best, you can appear foolish, and at worst – attract naive incompetent workers. If you do not have genuine enthusiasm, but you are all engaged in hiring specialists, you are committing some kind of moral fraud. Maybe you should think about it.

5. Beinteresting

In order to improve the hiring process, it is necessary to have a really interesting place to work at. We are not talking about table tennis and free beer (although both are a good option). We are talking about what your company does. Solve interesting, complex problems. Or solve uninteresting problems for famous and/or incredibly attractive people. Think about how to make it interesting. And this absolutely should NOT be “pleasure”. If you are doing interesting things, smart people will find a way to make them “fun.”

6. Appreciate the candidates

Always appreciate people who clearly show interest for your company. It will help you build stronger bonds with the developers and help you avoid further corporative issues.

7. Meet the developers

An unexpected check for hiring managers: name all the programmers you know by name. Do not take into account those you are already working with! Well, how many names did you get? If you are serious about selecting a quality team, then you are in this business for a long time. So act accordingly.

8. Talk about developing!

The best experience of interviewing is a half-hour communication with each candidate from the team. This rather lengthy interview allows getting answers to questions that neither the employee nor you could discuss in other conditions.

9. Find problems with people and solve them.

Always try to make friends with your team and solve their problems until they understand that you are good team-workers.

10. Search through some sites and forums, dedicated to Ruby

You can see a potential of some geniuses, though you haven’t contacted yet. There are plenty of talented ready developers on the Internet.

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