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Driving Better Outcomes through Workforce Analytics Webcast

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UC4 Announces Collaboration with Red Hat To Enhance Automated Open Source Solutions for Virtual and Cloud Infrastructure

August 30, 2011 No Comments


UC4, the world’s largest, independent IT automation software company, today announced a collaboration with Red Hat to provide enhanced, enterprise-ready, open virtualization and cloud solutions with predictive automated provisioning capabilities. Key benefits enabled by the technologies will be lower costs and lower manual effort required to initiate and orchestrate virtualized infrastructure, as well as the ability for IT departments to do ‘more with less’ and achieve more aggressive service level agreements.

The recent creation of the Open Virtualization Alliance (OVA) and UC4’s membership in the Alliance, has spurred collaborative efforts to enhance growing virtualization and cloud infrastructures and provide an automated, open virtualization option for enterprises. UC4 will collaborate with Red Hat to offer enterprises its multitenant, scalable, enterprise automation technology along with Red Hat’s open source solutions providing the flexibility to dynamically manage virtual resource requirements and private and public cloud infrastructures with built-in automated provisioning for customers. Additionally, UC4’s application awareness and business process automation capabilities will enable creation of virtual infrastructures that support applications and business processes much more efficiently.

As businesses move to more dynamic virtualized and cloud infrastructures, the ability to fully automate all IT processes within one solution becomes invaluable and provides the confidence necessary to make the transition. Open virtualization solutions are the key to widespread adoption of the cloud as companies look for ways to cut IT spend while bringing additional applications to business users through greater efficiency.

“Our collaboration with UC4 is designed to advance various open virtualization and cloud solutions and help them grow in usage,” said Sarangan Rangachari, senior director, Cloud Business Unit at Red Hat. “As virtualization and cloud infrastructures continue to mature, enterprises will look to open solutions as a way to enhance their capabilities in a cost-effective manner.”

“Collaborating with Red Hat, an industry leader in open source virtualization and cloud solutions, allows us to work closely on our advanced enterprise automation technology to help open virtualization and cloud-based solutions take hold,” said Siddharth Mallannagari, SVP Strategy and Corporate Development, Alliances at UC4. “Open solutions are an important part of offering customers cost-effective choices for meeting their virtualization and cloud needs while avoiding vendor lock-in with proprietary solutions. This collaboration strengthens UC4’s overall virtualization management offering as we continue our strategy of support for heterogeneous IT environments.”

About UC4 Software
UC4 Software delivers the industry’s only unified automation solution. We help customers achieve ONE Automation, a single enterprise-wide approach that intelligently integrates the automation of business processes, applications and IT infrastructure onto one platform. UC4 makes it easier for enterprises to rapidly and reliably deliver IT services.

UC4 is the world’s largest independent automation software company. More than 2,000 organizations worldwide trust UC4 to automate their business. Rethink automation at

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