UK’s first ‘all-in-one’ carbon management software launches

January 21, 2011 No Comments

An Irish firm has launched what it claims is the UK” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’%3Ca+href%3D’)”s first ” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’%3Ca+href%3D’)”all-in-one” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’%3Ca+href%3D’)” carbon management software.

The system, for which a marketing drive will get underway next week, has been developed by ManageCO2.

The firm says simplifications to the Government” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’%3Ca+href%3D’)”s Carbon Reduction (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme and a gap in the market for an in all one approach to energy management prompted the creation of the system.

The software, which is cloud based meaning users includes the UK” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’%3Ca+href%3D’)”s first all-in-one solution for carbon and energy management, which tracks and reports organisations” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’%3Ca+href%3D’)” energy consumption and carbon footprint every 15 minutes at a granular level.

This allows companies to identify high usage areas, such as data centres, lighting or specific areas within buildings, and to instantly calculate and validate the return on investment for areas of energy reduction.

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