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Verivo Software Transforms Itself to Meet Market Demand and Unveils Open Enterprise Mobility App Platform

June 4, 2013 No Comments

SOURCE: Verivo Software

WALTHAM, Mass., June 4, 2013 – Verivo Software, the enterprise mobility company, today announced Verivo Akula – a new mobile app platform designed to radically simplify the complexities of building, securing and controlling custom enterprise apps. Verivo has also dramatically transformed its go-to-market strategy to meet today’s market demands. The company will be offering free trials of its software and is, once again, setting the pricing standard for the industry with its simplified and predictable pricing model.

Akula is the first mobile app platform that allows users to effectively build and execute on transactional business apps even when the user is out of coverage range, and allows IT operation teams, such as help desks, to control and manage the operations of these apps, while meeting rigorous security requirements. It is also the only enterprise mobile app platform that has been designed from the start to be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

The Making of Verivo Akula (pronounced Ah-cool-ah)

Akula, built in collaboration with Verivo’s diverse group of enterprise mobile customers and partners, is designed to address the major challenges of building and managing custom enterprise apps – in a novel way. Akula gives developers the freedom to use any standard development tool to build and update apps. The platform also makes it extremely easy to deploy, secure, monitor and troubleshoot these apps in today’s multi-device, multi-operating system environments.

The Verivo team built this entirely new product in a modular, extendable manner so additional capabilities can be quickly incorporated into the platform to meet market demands of today and tomorrow. Akula has a very light footprint, is holistically designed and easily scalable. The platform integrates easily into existing corporate environments and is compatible with today’s mobile ecosystem, including front-end, testing and proprietary tools.

“Open API projects will continue to evolve and be top-of-mind for mobile app developers,” said Charlotte Dunlap, senior analyst, Application Platforms, Current Analysis. “With mobile app platform vendors, such as Verivo Software, opening up their technology and delivering new ways to build and manage enterprise mobile apps, developers are further empowered to meet the needs of the evolving market.”

New go-to-market strategy

Verivo is changing its business strategy to cater to the way developers and corporate users build and manage their mobile initiatives. The company will primarily engage, educate and sell online. Users can download Akula and try the platform for 30 days at no cost. They will have full access to Verivo’s support and DevCenter and all product documentation and tutorials will be open to the public.

Verivo is also introducing predictable and incremental pricing so a company can use the product in phases – starting with just development licenses to deploying a pilot of their app to expanding to a full scale deployment. This progressive pricing model allows a company to try the software without paying a premium price upfront. The company can then grow with the knowledge of what the incremental project costs will be versus adopting the per-app or per-transaction models that are prevalent in the industry.

“As the enterprise mobility market evolves, we are reinventing the business and staying laser-focused on delivering a new, open approach to solving enterprise mobility challenges and helping our customers maintain their competitive edge,” said Steve Levy, chief executive officer, Verivo Software. “With Akula, an organization can respond faster to market opportunities, increase developer productivity, lower app development and management costs while significantly reducing run-time problems and security risks.”

Akula will be generally available on June 28, 2013. For pricing information, please visit our website.

About Verivo Software
A leading provider of enterprise mobility software, Verivo Software helps companies accelerate their business results. Its unique technology empowers teams to centrally build, secure, control and update their enterprise mobile apps — rapidly and across multiple devices. Hundreds of companies in numerous industries around the world rely on Verivo’s platform to drive their mobile initiatives. To learn more, visit


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