VIDEO: Next Generation Open Source Messaging with Apollo

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This session will provide an overview of Apache Apollo, which was announced earlier this year. Apache Apollo is built from the foundations of the Apache ActiveMQ project but with a radically different threading architecture which lets it scale to large number of concurrent connections and destinations while using a constant number of threads.

Hiram Chirino2 VIDEO: Next Generation Open Source Messaging with ApolloHiram Chirino is one of the founders of the Apache ActiveMQ, Camel and Geronimo projects. He’s also created a number of of other supporting Open Source projects like Scalate, HawtDispatch, LevelDBJNI, and Jansi. He is an Apache Software Foundation member and the current PMC Chair for the Apache ActiveMQ project. Hiram is a Software Fellow at FuseSource and has been developing Open Source based messaging and integration products for the last 10 years.


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