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VPN on Android Phones

April 7, 2014 No Comments

Despite their many advantages, Android phones might carry security risks when they go online, threatening your privacy and predisposing you to data fraud. Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, can be extremely helpful at providing enhanced security and preventing your Android device from having restricted access to certain geographical regions. There are several benefits of using VPN on Android devices, particularly if you access the Internet on a daily basis from public WiFi networks.

Map 2 VPN on Android Phones

Secure Web Browsing

Many times, VPN are mostly used in order to enhance security on a device, and the same principle applies for Android devices, as well. Once you get VPN on your phone, you will manage to browse the Internet safely and prevent any third-party individuals or machines from accessing your personal data. This might be particularly applicable for WiFi hotspots, which might not be fully equipped with security software, thereby resulting in vulnerable data that might be easily accessible to others. Furthermore, Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, will not be able to use Deep Packet Inspection in order to see what a user does online and limit connection speeds, which will enable you to access the Internet much faster and without annoying bugs or issues.

Unblock Websites

As we mentioned above, certain websites might restrict access to only some specific geographical locations, but VPNs can allow your Android device to bypass these restrictions very fast. The device’s IP address will be replaced by one from the VPN server, which will make it appear as if it was accessing the Internet from the VPN server location. Let’s say, for example, that a US-based website blocks access to anyone who lives outside of UK. Using a US VPN server will determine the website to grant access to your device, thereby allowing you to access it and avoid other future restrictions.

Secure Information

In today’s world, people’s security is of utmost importance, and many third-party individuals attempt to steal it. Using a VPN can help individuals stay away from silent crawlers, who crawl into their accounts and collect data, using it further in order to perform illicit actions. Therefore, no hackers will be able to access the respective information, which is a great advantage in case that your job requires you to access the Internet on a daily basis from your Android device, as well. If you ever need to access an unsecured Wifi hotspot in order to check transactions in your company’s account, you will be able to avoid any data leakage successfully.

Choosing the right VPN service is also important, mainly because some providers might be highly interested in accessing your personal information, or eventually your company’s information. Many times, the best VPN service should necessarily allow people to attain online freedom, which is their natural right, even though it is not granted by the government. Be sure to research and thoroughly explore all possibilities before making a decision, as this will permit you to make the right choice and prevent spending money on services that are rather inefficient and will not provide the expected results.

Kerry Blake is a MS Office expert, trainer and lecturer for past seven years.

As he put it, “Most of my articles are inspired by people I meet in class. You can find me writing about technology and cars when I feel I got something to say.”


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