What Is the Best Mobile Platform for HTML5 Development?

November 10, 2011 No Comments

SOURCE:  ReadWriteWeb

The focus of the mobile world has turned to HTML5. Right now, HTML5 is positioning itself to be the No. 3 mobile platform behind Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android and we will see that evolution take place over the next couple of years. HTML5 runs besides these platforms through the mobile browser. That begs the question: which major mobile platform has the best toolset for HTML5 integration?

Every one of the major platform providers will say that they have the best system for HTML5. Research In Mobile will push it with BBX and its acquisition of Torch Mobile. WebOS has long claimed to have a great mobile browser. Microsoft has a good browser with Internet Explorer 10 for Windows Phone that will come with Windows 8. Really though, when it comes to HTML5, Apple’s iOS 5 likely takes the cake.

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