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Why Technology Should Be Your First Focus

October 10, 2017 No Comments

Featured article by Calvin Paige, Independent Technology Author

Your office has a lot of moving parts. There are employees to manage, tasks to complete and always an unexpected obligation that pops us. Juggling all of this becomes a lot easier when you turn to technology. It helps take tasks off of your plate and improve the rate at which work gets completed.

Even if you’re not a big fan of it, or aren’t sure how you feel about it, technology has the power to transform the way you do business. There are many different ways it goes about doing this that you should be concerned about. Be open to hearing why it’s a priority and how you can make it a bigger part of your organization. See why technology should be your first focus.

Efficiency & Speed

The efficiency and speed technology brings to a business is amazing. It keeps getting better with each upgrade. Employees are able to get their work done quicker and with less errors. You can plug in information and it automatically spits out the answers you need. The faster everyone is able to work, the more that gets done in any given day. You save time and money on operational costs and there’s less back and forth on particular matters because the computer tells you what’s right. This is what’s going to allow you to serve more customers and get more products out the door.


Automation is a key factor in improving the business environment. There’s less time wasted and your employees don’t have to be tied up completing repetitive tasks. One area where there are major strides being made is marketing automation. Personalize your marketing with powerful automations that talk to your customers just like you would. Save time so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Technology allows you to do this and run your business more efficiently. This is a great way to get more done and not have to worry about if your customers are being properly communicated to on a consistent basis.


It’s easier to recognize various companies these days because they spend time promoting their brand through technology. Build a website and blog to get the word out about your company. Share important information and be easily found online when your customers go looking for you. Another way to increase your branding is to create social media accounts and market and engage with your customers online. Technology is the perfect medium for making customers more aware of your products and services. Launch advertisements or engage with your audience by running various contests on social media.


Sales professionals are now able to communicate with customers through multiple mediums. It’s easy to pick up the phone, send an email or hop on a video call. You’re instantly connected and ready to give them your sales pitch in no time. This allows for more contacts to be made over the course of a day. Technology is closing the gap of the distance between the customer and business representative. There are more touchpoints than ever before. Social networks also allow you to search for and contact individuals who are in your target audience. There are systems companies are using to manage databases and customer relationships so they can do their jobs better. Technology also allows you to give that spectacular presentation in the boardroom when you’re in the process of closing a sale.


Technology has completely opened up the lines of communication within the business arena. It’s easier than ever to get ahold of a potential customer or employee. Teams are using it to communicate with each other to discuss important projects and hold team meetings. Businesses are also allowing more employees to work remotely because of how easily you can get in contact with each other. Customers are also enjoying the benefits. They’re able to easily locate answers on company websites without having to talk to anyone. If they prefer to contact a person, it’s easy to send an email, call or chat. It’s simple to let a frustrated customer know exactly why a package is delayed and when they’ll receive it.

Research & Innovation

Technology is used daily to research and innovate products and services. It’s easy to access the Internet and search for the answers you seek. Doing research is easier than ever before since being accessible on the computer. It didn’t used to be that simple when there were no search engines. Having high-speed technology and systems in place are key to keeping good employees and having them execute their work projects properly. Having this capability will help you stay ahead of your competition and roll out upgrades and enhancements faster. An executive can jump on a video call instead of traveling in a plane to have a meeting about important changes to the business.


Let’s not forget about one of the most important factors, which is security. Businesses rely on this security so they can proceed with business dealings without any hesitations. Technology provides a safe place for businesses to host private information and records. It’s used to protect proprietary information and financial data that’s highly confidential. Technology is also a tool that helps businesses keep their findings away from their competition. That’s why it’s critical to have computers with passwords and run important backups. Allow your IT department to manage the process and guide you on what updates you should be running when.


Technology is one of those concepts that’s always changing and growing. It makes it difficult to keep up and is challenging for some businesses to implement. You’re better off embracing it than trying to fight it off. While it can be challenging to comprehend, it’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s important to understand and embrace it for these various reasons. Your business will run smoother and you’ll have less fires to put out at the end of the day. This is why technology should be your first focus.


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