Why your CRM Integration Consultant Doesn’t Know Anything

August 28, 2012 No Comments


Software implementation consultants have been around for more than 30 years. By now, virtually everyone has a cloud practice-even firms that have simply transitioned their SOA practice into the hotter market. Of course, there are new cloud consultancies, but most tend to follow the same mold.

The economics of software implementation consultancies haven’t changed much either over the last decade or so. Almost everyone follows the pyramid model with some or all of the following traits:

The partners at the top typically have significant business experience and domain knowledge in a couple vertical industries. You’ll see them mainly in the sales cycle, though, so their experience is rarely available to your project. As rainmakers and practice leads, they are not billed for that many hours on client work. Their time is too valuable, and most clients wouldn’t want to spend the $300 to $500 an hour they charge.

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